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We carry out sheet metal work both directly and on behalf of third parties. We work with many companies in our region, from a wide range of sectors, who trust us as a support partner for their production lines, supplying them with raw or semi-finished materials.

The sheets we process can be made of steel or aluminium and come in various thicknesses. Their use varies according to the material from which they are made and, of course, their dimensions.

We make customised sheet metal for other companies and industries to directly or indirectly support their activities. Sheet metal can be used for cladding or even as a support.


All the mechanical equipment used is periodically subjected to strict checks and overhauls.

Our sheet metal department is equipped with various plants and numerically controlled machinery:

  • Punching machine

  • Bending machine

  • Slicer

  • Notching machine

  • Welding machines

Through our external partners, we perform product treatment such as galvanising, thermo-lacquering, oxidation, etc.

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